The following RDCA centers are currently open: Preschool Programs: Bel Pre and Woodlin. Sargent Shriver now enrolling for preschool. School-age learning HUBS: Ashburton, Bradley, Maryvale and Woodlin are open and accepting enrollments at this time. Northwest CDC for NIH families (Infants-Preschool).
6 Weeks - 18 Months

…exploring their world, expressing emotions, forming close and trusting relationships…our supportive and responsive caregivers help infants flourish.

18 Months - 2 Years Old

… always on the go, a toddler's brain soaks up new information like a sponge…let us fill your child’s day with meaningful learning experiences.

3-6 Years Old

…discovering a sense of self, perpetual exploration, emergent language, purposeful play…we can strengthen these developmental milestones.

School Age
5-12 Years Old

…promoting independence, fostering friendships, providing new experiences, encouraging creativity…these are ways we support your budding school ager.

Over the five years in RDCA, my children are happy! This is the biggest measure my wife and I use in evaluating the choices we have made for our children. My wife and I have easy access to administrators...
“For us, RDCA is a family affair! My husband, brother, and I both worked for RDCA for several years and my mother in law is currently an Assistant Director at one of the school-age programs.  Needless to say, when...
Our experience over the past three and a half years of using RDCA is exemplary. My son’s kindergarten teacher said it best when she told me, his first week of school, “I can always tell the kids that come...